Hotel and guest house online reputation management is a fairly new and unknown subject still in South Africa.

With majority of the companies offering the technology to hotels and guest houses for online reputation management services being outside South Africa.

Well what is Hotel and guest house online reputation management?

It mean  the ability to know what your customers are saying about your property online and the feedback given to third parties who sell your property online.

There are various systems on the market that scrape the internet to provide this information. The information will be put into stats and have various functions that can be used like emails to department heads etc.

One of the first sites that allowed comments is Tripadvisor and these days most of the public websites which allow bookings with properties has the functionality for guests to leave a comment.

It is very important to make sure you are aware of what is said about you and that you interact with the guest where it is possible. Our advice is to always remain positive in your feedback and to react as soon as you can. Also try not to copy the same message as this potential guest will note a mile away. They want to see how you react to complaints and how well you respond to each complaint and compliment.

The other fact that must be considered is not to get to dependent on what guest say after their departure but rather try and communicate with them while they are still in house. You can very easily accept that your property score is acceptable and once this happens you are aiming for average service. Rather focus all efforts to make sure that everything is 100% for your next guest arrival.

We have been working and have evaluated a number of these hotel and guest house reputation management systems and will be able to give you an objective overview. Please contact us.