Are you looking to update or perhaps change your website in order to appeal more to potential customers?

We have been involved with various websites for hotels and guest houses. One of the most important things is to ensure that you will be able to update your own website.

Web designers can be expensive and time consuming. We recommend WordPress as this is easy to learn and to maintain.

Herewith our top ten suggestions for a hotel and guest house website:

  1. The site must be visually attractive
  2. It must be fast to load on the customers browser
  3. It should offer a Website Booking Engine which provide live rates and availability to potential customers and which can be used to make bookings with
  4. Information should be informative and relative. We have seen so many hotel and guest house websites which do not have proper landing pages and have a short story on each page. History is important but let us face the facts, a potential guest will look at a picture and read other customer’s experience but might not be interested bout why you chose a specific color in the lounge or etc. in fact when it is not in point form and has more than two paragraphs you will have a very high bounce rate, in simple terms potential guests will lose interest and they will book elsewhere.
  5. Photos should be realistic and there should be a date when these were taken. Do not publish a picture with a room with flowers if you do not put flowers in the room for every arrival. The picture must give a true reflection of what can be expected when the guest walk into the room. If you can also ask your previous guest to send any pictures they might have taken during their stay.
  6. Have the functionality for guests to leave reviews, potential guest like when hotels offer this especially if this is in the form of a forum as the potential guest can see the interaction between the hotel and their guests and also how every situation was handled.
  7. Make sure you have a map not only with your hotel marked but also places of interest and things to do around your hotel or guest house
  8. Make sure your site is mobile ready
  9. Ensure that your email address and telephone number is easy to find and that if the guest use a mobile device they will be able to phone or email by selecting this from your mobi site
  10. Ensure that your site is easy to navigate

For an evaluation on your current site and a quotation to redo your site please contact us by following this link