The Hotel and Guest House website booking engine is very important to get direct business.

No one want to inquire anymore or else they will send and email or phone. The fact is people want to make more informed decisions and want to be able to get the best possible deal.

If someone find you anywhere on the internet where your rates are they will most likely search for your hotel or guest house by name and see what you are able to offer them.

So if you do not have a website booking engine (WBE) they will not be able to see live rates and availability and you have just lost a potential sale.

Herewith our top ten things to consider when looking at a hotel website booking engine:

  1. Where is the company based and what is their support like
  2. Do you require the website booking engine to integrate with a channel manager that you might be using
  3. Are you able to run a loyalty guest program with this and offer preferred partners like corporate companies a contracted rate?
  4. Can the layout be changed to enhance your look and feel of your website, for this you most likely will require the services of a programmer with php knowledge which we can offer
  5. How many people in your area are using the same website booking engine, after all you do not go to your competitors and copy their color scheme and decor do you?
  6. Are you able to setup specials via your website booking engine?
  7. Can you control the user access level
  8. Is it easy to use and navigate, are there perhaps not too many steps in the process?
  9. Are you able to offer a payment gateway for secure payments?
  10. Are you able to offer different payment options for different clients i.e. direct customers to provide credit card details to secure the booking and for tour operators to pay later via eft?

We have been working with various hotel and guest house website booking engines and every property have different requirements. We know what will work best for you and can make recommendations according to your budget and requirements.