The hotel industry has seen a huge influx in rooms in the hotel industry with the addition of many sectional title rental pool properties.

We have been involved with Sectional Title Rental Pools for the past 10 years. We can give advice to developers on appointment of management companies for the Hotel industry for Sectional Titles.

We are also able to assist with the setup of a proper rental pool structure that will be fair towards the investors and the management company.

Body corporates are also welcome to make use of our expert services to investigate rental pool management companies and the basis on which they operate. We will always give a fair and true reflection on the current state of affairs and can provide valuable inputs.

Rental pools is a risk but if managed correctly can provide much better returns for short term accommodation rentals rather than long term leases. The hotel industry is busy booming and the growth is positive at the moment. Rental to owners are important to both investors and management companies and we will be able to investigate and inform if if this is the case.

In many cases it is of great value to get a report from an independent company who have been working with sectional title rental pool companies for more than ten years.